IBM 360/30


Computer IBM 360/30
Manufactured by IBM
Owned by Shropshire (Salop) County Council
Dates Worked 1965-1967
  After two years at BOC I got ambitious (restless?) and applied for a job as a Project Leader with Salop County Council (as it was then) in Shrewsbury on a new IBM 360/30. This was  popular with Barbara whose family lived there. We moved to Church Stretton in September 1965 and I proceeded to attend a number of IBM courses.

My main task at SCC was to write a system for the computerisation of the rating system for various district councils in Shropshire - collecting rates was not a function of the County Council.

Programming Programs were mainly written in Assembler (although Fortran and RPG was available).

Once cards were available we could use the 'standard' technique of compiling a program and producing the binary version on punched cards - amendments were made by inserting 'patch' cards which modified the machine code.

Hardware The system had 16kb (32k?) of memory, 2 x 7Mb disk units (2311 with removeable disk packs), P/T reader, line printer and a console typewriter.
Software Due to unwise money saving the 360/30 initially did not have a card reader and all input was on Paper Tape. This was very strange for most of the IBM personnel involved as they didn't know much about it. A mod was made to the BOS/360 operating system (even simpler than DOS - "DOS/360 was for sissies that couldn't handle TOS/360. TOS/360 was for sissies that couldn't handle BOS/360") so that JCL could be read on paper tape - unfortunately each line had to look like a punched card - the commands had to be padded out to 80 chars (no EOL chars) ! This produced endless problems and a card reader was installed within a year.  
   IBM 360/3o Processor
360/30 Processor 
2311 Disk drive
2311 Disk drive with pack loaded
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